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Another update

2008-10-21 19:10:24 by RedHand777

I have a friend with a less glitchy computer trying to get the file to save. It is an irratating task. However, something should be on youtube at least.

More important than that, however, I need to ask:
Is there any program (outside of the $391 Flash 8) that can convert Microsoft movies from windows movie maker to a flash format?

Another Preview

2008-10-20 19:32:30 by RedHand777

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I edited this together while I was making the movie. The movie is done, and I have strategems for saving it somewhere. If anyone knows how to set up windows movie maker to save files as .swf, please PM me....

Preview for Invincibility

2008-10-20 19:26:31 by RedHand777

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I figured that since I do not know how to set this up so I can make it flash, I can at least place it on Youtube and embed it here. This is a trailer for the thing.


2008-10-19 18:12:19 by RedHand777

Argh. I jst learnt that .wav files are not accepted on Newgrounds. This is irratating, as I do not actually have flash. So, I am trying to find a way around it. I have a screen recording device, but we tried it with my sister's movie and it didn't do so well.


2008-08-17 13:31:03 by RedHand777

Argh, somethings messing up with my cpu when I try to save my movie file for Invincibility Part 1 and it will not save. Couple that with school starting up, and Invincibilty maay not be out for a while. Does anyone care? I hope so.


2008-07-08 15:41:03 by RedHand777

hey, wow, I didnt know that there was a blog on NG. But anyway, I have a few things to flash at the general public.

Invincible Movie: I am working on my first real project for NG, it is a stick-figure fighter movie. It doesnt help that I dont actually own Flash, I am using a program called Stickpivot Animator and saving the flicks as GIFs that Windows movie maker can use. Hopefully WMK files will be accepted by NG for submission. I am only beginning it, and it is in a highly morphable state. I'll keep yall posted.

Alvin-Earthworm: has left NG forever. Being the last one to know, I can only add how sad I feel. Some may have read my glowing views of the Super Mario Bros. Z movies. Hopefully #7 will be here soon. Someone keep ME posted.

I suppose thats it for now.